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The Princess Luxury Bed + SLEEP by Princess

Background: 2015 Consumer Insights Stateroom Research Analysis

  • “A comfortable bed/sleep” was rated as the most desirable stateroom feature in the (65% of all respondents. 71% for those without children).

  • In addition “High Quality Bedding” was rated the second most important stateroom amenity, with over half  (56%) of respondents feeling that quality bedding would ensure a great night’s sleep in their stateroom.


As a result, Princess developed the new Princess Luxury Bed in partnerships with Dr. Michael Breus, board certified sleep expert and Candice Olson, HGTV design guru to deliver the ultimate sleep experience onboard. A sizable investment, Princess plans to rollout 44,000 new beds fleetwide through 2018.


The Objective: In alignment with their overall commitment to the wellness of their guests, the objective was for Princess to “own” sleep by promoting the new custom designed luxury bed along with the several initiatives put in place to ensure guests return from their cruise feeling refreshed and renewed.

The Challenge: To add credibility to the SLEEP by Princess program utilizing expert brand partnerships and effectively  communicate the science and meticulous construction of The Princess Luxury Bed. Also highlight the supplemental initiatives of the overall SLEEP by Princess program and in doing so, the investment Princess has made to overall guest wellness. Manage expectations of consumers since not every stateroom will receive the new bed simultaneously.

The Plan: To position the fleetwide rollout of The Princess Luxury Bed as the main message with the SLEEP by Princess program elements as a secondary supplementary message targeted towards onboard guests. Educate guests with sleep tips from Dr. Breus as a value-add to help them continue healthy sleep habits once they return home.  

The Creative: Initial announcement was made via email to past passengers and prospects. Onboard activation included the several touchpoints shown below.

Logo Development: Direction for the logo was to convey luxury and relaxation using clean, simple lines and a very light and airy color palette. Knowing that both logos would often be shown in the same capacity, it was important that they be complimentary in both style and color.

SLEEP Tips Wheel - Interactive in-stateroom spinning wheel collateral piece used to create awareness of the SLEEP program onboard by providing guests with a summary of the several initiatives in place onboard to help them achieve the best night of sleep at sea (ie: sleep friendly foods called out on your room service menu, a reminder to close your blackout curtains to block outside light, Tip: 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning can help reduce jet lag, etc.) Includes retail element by highlighting  sleep friendly spa treatments, a sleep kit available for purchase and information on how to purchase The Luxury Bed. 

Luxury Bed Tent Card - Sales piece placed on the bed by the stateroom steward at turndown to tell the story of the science behind the bed, additional details on the construction and retail messaging on how to purchase.

Existing onboard collateral modified to incorporate SLEEP branding

  • Privacy Door Card

  • Room Service Menu

  • Water Order Form Door Hanger

SLEEP Kit - Offered to guests for a nominal charge (complimentary for Suites). Includes the following SLEEP branded items:​

  • Power Down Shower Hour Kit (loofa, shower fizz, shower cap)

  • SLEEP Journal + 1 year subscription to Dr. Breus sleep app

  • Earplugs

  • Eye shades

  • Lavender linen spray

  • Lip balm

SLEEP Journal - Value add piece offering guests additional tips from Dr. Breus on how to get the best sleep while traveling and a place to document sleep patterns

SLEEP Infographic - Promotional piece used for initial announcement of the SLEEP by Princess program via social media, press and on Data based on a proprietary sleep survey performed on behalf of Princess.

Stateroom TV Content - 5 Tips from Dr. Breus on how to get the best nights sleep. Video plays on the Princess Channel in staterooms onboard all ships fleetwide.

SLEEP by Musicure Channel - Evidence-based relaxation music interluded with sounds of the ocean help lull guests to sleep was loaded onto a dedicated SLEEP channel with a black screen. Designed for guests to be able to tune in for sounds of the ocean that can remain on throughout the night.

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