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Camp Discovery

Background: In partnership with Discovery Communications™, Princess has developed engaging new youth programming and wonder-filled center designs for cruisers ages 3 to 17. The Treehouse (ages 3-7), The Lodge (ages 8-12), The Beach House (ages 13-17).


When compared with other cruise lines, it was common for Princess to appear in the consideration set for families, but much less common for Princess to be a considered a preference. Revamping the youth centers is part of an ongoing initiative to target young families.


The Challenge: There are two parts to the youth and teen center revamp. Part one is the renovations of the physical centers and part two is the onboard programming. The challenge is to clearly and effectively communicate the new Camp Discovery centers via signage and onboard programming that is currently rolling out fleetwide, when not every ship has received the physical center revamp yet.


The Objective: To position Princess Cruises as a cruise line of choice for families with these all new youth and teen centers that are both fun and educational for kids of all ages.


The Plan: Leverage the equity of the Discovery Communications brand to enhance the credibility of Princess Youth & Teen Centers.


The Creative:

Temporary Signage was designed to bridge the gap for ships scheduled to receive the center renovations after the new Camp Discovery programming had already rolled out onboard. Similar to theme park "Under Construction" signage, this poster created awareness for the Discovery partnership and gave parents a sneak peek into what the new centers will look like. It also helps to explain why they may have received Camp Discovery branded collateral when the centers onboard are still "Pelicans," "Shockwaves," and "Remix."

Welcome Packets - Includes a Welcome Letter, A Youth Patter (schedule of events), and a Registration Card. This packet it placed in the stateroom of families with children as an introduction to the youth centers. Copy for the letters is overprinted on the branded stationary to allow for YAM's to modify as needed. Delivery was designed to be swift and easy for busy YAM's onboard to be able to quickly clip contents of the Welcome Packets together when hundreds of kids are sailing.

Onboard Patter - Schedule of events tailored to each age group onboard. Since activities are different for each voyage, patters are provided to the ships as pre-printed shells. Body content is over printed onboard.

Patter Fillers - For shorter voyages that do not have enough activities to fill the bi-fold, instead of leaving white space that resulted in the patter looking empty, we created a few easy to drop in "fillers" including fun activities for kids (mazes, connect the dots, etc.), animal facts and tips for traveling with children for parents.

Coloring T-Shirts - A fun activity for kids onboard. We created branded coloring t-shirts that kids and teens are able to decorate using fabric markers, glitter, beads etc. as a take home activity onboard.

Stickers - Kids LOVE stickers. These fun animal fact stickers were created for use in the centers, on the kids artwork, projects etc. Similar decals also appear on the walls of the centers, in the kids cubbies, on counters and cabinets. 

Placemat - For the main dining rooms. Another touchpoint to promote the Disocovery partnership outside of the centers Branded activity placemats that are over printed with the kids menu. Designed to be interactive for both kids and parents including conversation starters like "If you were a koala what would you eat for dinner?" and 2 person games like tic-tac-toe.

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