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Caribbean Princess Dry Dock 

Background:  Having traveled over 1.2 million miles all over the world since her christening in 2004, Princess invested $8.2 million in a well-deserved makeover for Caribbean Princess.


Project Snapshot:

  • World Fresh Marketplace

  • (2) Casual Specialty Restaurants

  • (3) Top Deck Dining Venues

  • Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria

  • The Princess Luxury Bed

  • Club Class Mini-Suites

  • Youth & Teen Center Revamp

  • New MUTS screen

  • Digital Signage

  • More Connecting Staterooms

  • General Spaces


The Objective: Improve perception of Caribbean Princess as an updated ship with strategic investment in new dining choices and select public areas.


The Plan: Position this dry dock as the largest ever Food & Beverage innovation in Princess history with seven new dining venues onboard. Secondary messaging on the family-friendly renovations.

The Creative: Of the new dining venues, we developed a logo for Planks BBQ, Steamers Seafood and World Fresh Marketplace as well as a menu design for Planks and Steamers. The announcement was made via email to past passengers, prospects and travel agents. A sizzle reel was also created as an overview of all the renovations to come.

Food Photography - Shot in a test kitchen using surfaces representative of the aesthetic of each venue.

Logo Development

World Fresh Marketplace Logo - Direction was to create a logo to represent a venue that offers made fresh daily foods with regional theming.  Green was selected as a color that implies fresh and is used throughout the venue decor.

Planks BBQ - Direction was to create a logo to represent a casual American BBQ venue using similar color scheme to the restaurant decor. Distressed wooden plank look and feel was selected to best represent the menu offerings.

Steamers Seafood - Direction was to create a logo to represent a casual seafood venue with a clean New England look and feel. Incorporate a nautical theme with color scheme similar or complimentary to the venue decor.

Planks Menu - Direction was to incorporate similar color themes to the restaurant venue. We carried out the logo fonts into the headines to make the menu easy to read when scanning. Fun outlines and illustrations were included as accents to give the menu more character and charm. Textured craft paper was selected to convey the casual aspect of a BBQ dining venue, similar to the kind of craft paper that would line the tables of a BBQ restaurant.

Steamers Menu - Direction was to create a casual menu that follows a similar look and feel/color theme to the restaurant venue. We incorporated a similar distressed look from the logo and carried the rope motif throughout. The horizontal lines align with the logo but also to a nautical theme that is reminiscent to New England. Menu was printed on bright white paper with a faint texture for a clean, classic look.

Email Announcement - Direction for the email was to create a highly visual design utilizing flavor-telling food photography where possible. Copy was kept to 5-7 word descriptors to encourage recipients to click through to the landing page for more information. Vertical scrolling design is optimized for mobile viewing.

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